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Summery of Lenomedia’s Service Level Agreement

This is a and example of a shortened summery of the full service level agreement for design. Scroll to the end of this page to download the full SLA.

Although LENOMEDIA initially provides a summary of any project’s cost, LENOMEDIA is entitled to and will charge at R400 per hour in any event, said fee to escalate at 10% annually on 1 January. LENOMEDIA is not a vendor selling goods, but provides a design and/or web development service on the premise of R400 an hour or part thereof.

50% of the projected fee needs to be paid up front, with proof of payment provided by e-mail.

LENOMEDIA will obey deadlines provided clients furnish materials in useable formats

LENOMEDIA will keep your materials and strategies confidential

LENOMEDIA will not release any materials or designs unless it is paid in full.

LENOMEDIA will aim to keep the project within an agreed budget and advise clients promptly of any difficulties in keeping to the budget.

If any party is in breach of the above, the other party may serve a notice to inform a party of such breach and cancel the agreement in 7 days and claim damages limited to the scope of work contracted for.

Risk passes to the client once the product is delivered.

Printing, scanning or recreation of material will be charged for in addition to the hourly rate.

Travelling fees of R5 per kilometre outside Potchefstroom applies, in addition to the hourly fee.

Necessary after hours work due to client’s negligence, will be billed at one and a half times the normal rate.

The parties agree that disputes will be mediated before legal action is taken.

If LENOMEDIA procures material on your behalf, you will pay the actual cost at the time of the transaction.

The client agrees that this document is only a summary of the full service level agreement and that said document was available to read (forwarded electronically) and the contents thereof is understood and accepted and will be applied to the agreement.

Please send proof of payment for all payments made to

If you sign this agreement now, you agree that you may be held to it in future for new instructions.



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