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Human Capital Development Training Online

Need to market online courses. Website not optimized for sales. New educational reseller that needs to establish credibility and authority selling high-level online courses like SCRUM, PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL ext. High advertising competition and fees. The client needs to enroll students.

Facebook & Instagram advertising, copywriting and web design.

Get traffic and conversion for high-level online course enrolment.

Through the professional design of high converting landing pages, we were able to increase both enrolment conversion and authority of this website as a trusted provider of these courses. Through campaign research and discovery we were able to drive advertising costs down from R6.91 to R0.09 and while doing so, increased our conversion rate from 150 to 14700 within the same budget and period.

SEO & Website Improvement

This website received volumes of untargeted traffic that ended up in the wrong places, causing visitor confusion high bounce rates.
Marketing department overwhelmed by phone calls from web users that can not find the right information.
Old outdated landing pages dominated in Google search for the primary NWU search terms. Prospective students both undergraduate and postgraduate could not find enrolment information or registration pages/units. The website followed conflicting hierarchies which made user navigation and SEO impossible. The website’s primary objective is to enroll new students and postgraduate students. The problem is that unrelated NWU links outranked and prevented signups. Content management problems caused by old software and old and disconnected content with an average amount of over 19000 pages.

– Restructure and redesign units dedicated to new student enrollment. Provide proper on-page SEO optimization for those units and promote them.
– Channel traffic the bulk of NWU search engine traffic to enrolment pages to increase online enrolments and so alleviate the marketing & registration depart’s time spend on enrollments and requests.
– Improve the NWU’s search engine ranking.
– Finding and repurposing old pages and content.
– Set improvement and structural goals for the web department of the NWU to improve user experience, structure, and management over time.
– Ongoing improvement and promotion of new student signups.
– Switching from unrankable php nodes to Seo page links and SEO titles over the whole website.
– Maintain these positions achieved by SEO


SEO and Web Design & Consultations

1st page & 1st position Google ranking on all primary search terms and primary landing pages. 1st page, 1st to 5th position Google ranking for all secondary search terms & landing pages. Thus increased traffic and online signups. Domination of new student signups on all NWU search terms.

Improved design and user experience and visitor flow through the website.
1st-page Application unit ranking for all other NWU search queries.
Eliminate confusing and outdated landing pages in Search rankings. Re-funneling all of obsolete landing page traffic to new enrolments.
Shift to online enrollment and registration to alleviate administration and request to be handled by the Marketing and admin departments.

Application of all long-term structural goals by NWU web office, resulting in increased user experience and better content management by the use of the latest software and subdomain structuring for different units at the NWU. Improved automatic page title generation.

Cancer Care Clinic SEO

Small digital footprint due to a new website. Need to acquire clients from the US, high earning European cities as well as Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur and no longer focus on South African online promotion.
Need more targeted traffic to the website.

Optimize and promote this new website for targeted cities, cancer patients, and their families. Provide content suggestions to expand credibility, educate visitors about new cancer treatments, and increase traffic to the website. Provide resources to cancer patients and their families to help increase the online authority of the hospital.

6 Months

With proper optimization, we were able to increase individual users by 4609% ( from 305 to 14365). With targeted traffic, we were able to lower the bounce rate to 22% (very very good). We were able to rank 14 keywords on the first page of Google with five keywords at 1st position, globally in our targeted countries. We were able to shift the traffic sources from the limited market in South Africa to our targeted international cities where patients can afford expensive and exclusive treatment.

Marketing & Design

Need more projects from new audiences as the bulk of project signups came from referrals and direct traffic. Need more projects and a bigger footprint nationwide as the local market is small and limited.
Admin burden of a growing company was taking up to much time, especially the sign and return of contracts, hourly job orders, and debit orders and the inconvenience for clients who has to print documents, sign, and scan them again. Need a document signing system that would also get accepted in the UK, US and European Union for our international clients.

Minimise and automate contract/document admin administration and follow-ups.
Implement a signing system where the client does not need 3rd party apps to digitally sign their documents.
Improve national reach and dominate local search utilizing SEO, local SEO, and professional design.
Rank better than our competitors.


Implementing & setup of a digital document signing system that is legal in South Africa, as well as UETA, ESIGN, and GDPR compliant and thus adheres to the strictest document signing policies in the US & European unions. Clients no longer have to print and sign or digitally sign using apps. The client can sign directly on Lenomedia’s website and receives a signed copy of their contract in PDF format automatically. Signing reminders and follow-ups are sent automatically until the client signed their contract. This system automates 90% of Lenomedia’s signup process and thus saves a lot of time and money.

Google ranking has improved from second-page rank to the 1-3rd position, 1st page for all targeted key phrases. These changes increased website user traffic by 79.81% within a year. New client signups through the website have improved in such a way that 90% of all new clients, reach Lenomedia through organic Google search. Improved Google rank has also increased our national and international reach and expanded our market.

Event Promotion

Last minute attempt to get attendees to five events without doing any marketing two days before the first event. We had to fill up these locations with the right audience and with a limited budget.

Get Christian students to attend five interdenominational events at five different locations to promote collaboration between churches for world missions.

1 Week


By managing and promoting these events and Facebook page through Facebook Advertising, video, event coverage, image material, and professional design, we were able to fill these event locations with a turnout of an average of 120 – 150%.

Local SEO

The client was receiving high hard bounce rates due to untargeted traffic, low ratings and low ranking local SEO scores due to unprofessional design and sloppy setup.

Drive advertising costs, down, improve Google maps ranking, promote for star ratings and by doing so, increase traffic to their website.

Adsense & SEO

By implementing and integrating an easy review system and through Google’s structured data, we were able to achieve 5-star ratings on Google and 3rd party listings. Together with professional design, a 2-5 position ranking in Google and Google price listings we increased the traffic and online authority of this establishment. We also did a complete re-setup of the existing Google Adsense campaign to lower bounce rates, drive advertising costs down by 40% and gained targeted traffic to the website.

Website Design & Maintenance by Lenomedia.
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