Before you start on your adventure for a new website it’s important to make sure that the content has been checked. Too many people have wasted time and money fixing problems instead of preventing them and then some damage may have been done already.

Guidelines for ensuring quality content for your website:

Text Content:

  • Make sure you did proper “copywriting” on all your text. All spelling and grammar mistakes should have been resolved before giving it to us.
  • Give us your text content in editable format, such as the original MS Word or Excel documents, or PSD files. Copy and paste is faster than rewriting.
  • If you need help with writing content, please contact us for a referral to a professional content writer.


  • Provide all images that should be used on the website.
  • Give the originals. Image quality becomes worse if given on a Word, PowerPoint, PDF, or any format other than the original.
  • (After completing the project) Scroll to the bottom of this post to see how you can re-size your photo’s to upload to your website using the Content Management System.

Contact Details:

  • E-mail adress
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Physical Address
  • GPS Location


  • We need a large high quality logo.
  • Give us your logo on a transparent background The preferred format is PNG, PDF, original PSD or an AI file.
  • It will help us if you can provide the specific font used in the logo. If not we can find a workaround.
  • If Lenomedia designed your logo you don’t have to worry about this. If another developer created it they will be able to help.

Other company details:

  • Your company slogan
  • A list of keywords which describes your company, products or services best (At least 10)
  • If you have Social Media that you want featured on the website, provide us with the links.
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