Okay, so you’ve made sure that everything sorted and ready to go, but you(the client) still need to get it to us(the developers) so that we can build the website. The faster your content is finished and ready to go, the sooner your website will be ready. You can always contact us for any questions on how to go through this process.

We are big fans of “Cloud Storage” such asĀ Dropbox. It’s easy to use, and for our purpose it’s totally FREE. We will create a folder with the name of the website to share with you, and you just upload everything into that folder by simply copying the content into the folder:

  1. Go to the little Dropbox Icon at the bottom right of your screen and click once:



2. At the top of the popup window you will see the notification of a new folder that has been shared with you. Click on the blue accept button.

Screenshot 2016-01-13 09.22.02


3. Then a normal looking screen will open up into which you can simply copy and paste files as normal.


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